Refund policy

If you find any problem with the item you just received, please email us with your order number, item number and a clear photo of the problem area within 3 working days of receipt. We will do our best to solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

We ACCEPTS the following situations to apply for replacement of goods

  • Each order only accepts an application to replace the product once within 3 working days after the receipt (mixed models can be mixed, and the number of pieces is not limited);
  • The company is responsible for paying the logistics fee for returning the goods, and the customer is responsible for the logistics fee for re-delivery;
  • the item has holes or tatters; or
  • Ordered in a different size; or
  • The style does not match the picture at all; or
  • The difference between the item and the size listed on the page is +/-5cm or more; or
  • The delivery staff delivered the wrong item; and
  • Returned products must be returned with all original labels, tags, packing materials and accessories (if any).

Please note that under the above circumstances, the company will arrange to replace a new product with the same model number, style, and model; unless the Korean supplier confirms that all the products with this model number, color, and model have been sold out or discontinued, the Korean supplier has no choice Restock within 2 weeks, otherwise the company will not make refund arrangements.

We DECLINE refunds, returns or replacements for the following reasons

  • All our products are ordered from Korea, and the entire process takes 7-14 working days (calculated based on Korean working days). The shipping time from Korean wholesalers is from Monday to Friday, ending at 12:00 PM daily, excluding Korean holidays and wholesale store closures. If the logistics time does not exceed the predetermined timeframe, we regret to inform you that we do not accept refund, return, or exchange requests after placing an order;
  • Due to overseas or local logistical issues, there may be delays in delivery time;
  • After receiving the goods, the style, color and size do not meet your receiving standards, such as: stains, small threads, color difference caused by computer display (different brands and models of monitors have different color differences), and the quality is worse than expected , the size is not suitable, it does not look good, etc.;
  • Fading of darker-colored goods is not a quality problem, such as: denim fabric or after washing effect treatment... etc;
  • Requesting a refund for waiting too long;
  • Request a refund for other or all items in the order when individual items are out of stock;
  • Delay in delivery time due to overseas or local logistics delivery problems;
  • Change the color, style or size of the item after payment;
  • For hygienic reasons, all underwear, swimwear, intimate products, food, beauty products or special items;
  • Products after washing, wearing and use;
  • Exceeding the application requirement period set by us;
  • Failure to return the product within 2 days after the company's staff confirms the application conditions for refund, return or replacement of the product and submits the logistics information of the return;
  • Due to the loss of logistics during the return, the goods were damaged by the logistics personnel, or the staff of the company found that the quality of the goods displayed in the photos submitted by the customer after receiving the goods was wrong/dropped;
  • The company will not accept the refund application for the goods returned because the customer refuses to pay the logistics fee for reshipment, and we will not arrange delivery again. The product will be deemed as the customer's automatic abandonment, and we will not informed separately.

Steps to return or exchange an item

  • Email your order number, item number/model/color for return, together with a photo (clearly showing the reason for return or replacement) to;
  • After receiving the email, we will check the reason for the application and check the photo within 24 hours, whether the application is successful or not, please wait for our email reply to confirm;
  • After receiving our email reply to approve the application, please submit the return logistics information to us for follow-up in the same email. The required information includes: logistics company name and tracking number;
  • Before returning the product, please double check and ensure that all original labels, tags, packaging materials and accessories (if any) are sent back to our office together;
  • After we receive the returned product, we will check and further confirm the application within 24 hours. We will follow up your refund, replacement product or return store credit within 24 hours after you receive our confirmation email;
  • Please understand that the exchange of goods requires the cooperation of Korean suppliers, so it takes time, about 14 Korean working days;
  • When we receive the goods, we will carry out the quality inspection as usual, and we will re-deliver immediately after passing the inspection;
  • Before reshipping, we will also notify customers of relevant logistics information by email;
  • Please note that the customer must pay the logistics fee, and the company will not be responsible for all problems and additional costs caused by the customer's refusal to pay the logistics fee.

Please contact us via email for all matters related to returning and replacing products. The company does not accept other platforms or channels to apply and process related matters. If there is any delay and the application becomes invalid, the company will not be responsible for it.