Terms of service

Ordering takes 7-14 working days

We guarantee that every product is directly air-freighted from Korea to Hong Kong. After customers submit their orders and payment, we will immediately process the order with the Korean supplier. Under normal circumstances, with adequate inventory, it takes 4-7 Korean business days for the order to be fulfilled and air-freighted to Hong Kong.

To ensure customers receive high-quality products, we inspect every product for quality upon arrival in Hong Kong. We will notify customers when the inspection is complete and arrange delivery accordingly. Please allow 7-14 working days from the time of payment confirmation for the entire process.

If the Korean supplier reports temporary out-of-stock, insufficient supply, or transportation issues after payment, the delivery time may be delayed, but it will not exceed 14 working days (excluding public holidays in Hong Kong and Korea).

Korean Working Days

  • The operating hours of Korean wholesale stores are from Sunday to Thursday, 17:00 - 05:00 (closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Korean public holidays);
  • The processing time for purchasing orders at Korean wholesale stores is from Sunday to Thursday, 20:00 - 05:00;
  • The shipping time from Korean wholesale stores is from Monday to Friday, ending at 12:00 PM daily (excluding Korean holidays and wholesale store closures);
  • Delivery delays may occur due to natural disasters, inventory at the wholesale stores, courier services, customs clearance, and other factors.

Why does the product show out-of-stock after ordering?

Due to the recent surge in popularity of Korean culture and fashion, there is a high demand for Korean clothing in the global market. Although many new styles are added every day, it is still difficult to avoid certain popular styles selling out quickly, resulting in a shortage of supply for most products. If you choose a product that has been on the shelf for some time (e.g., more than 3-4 weeks), it may indicate that there is only a small amount of inventory left, increasing the chance of the product being out-of-stock.

In addition, afterthe order is confirmed, we immediately hand it over to the Korean supplier for processing and fulfillment. However, there may be a time difference of 1-2 working days in the processing of orders by the fulfillment staff, which may also result in the product being out-of-stock after the customer places the order.

Please rest assured that if this situation occurs, we will immediately notify the customer and offer the option to replace the product with another one (which may require additional payment) or arrange a refund.

Products without a "MADE IN KOREA" or washing label

We understand that some customers may not be familiar with the labeling standards in Korea. As there is no relevant regulation in Korea requiring every product to have a "MADE IN KOREA" label, washing label or other related tags, products sold in Korean Dongdaemun/Namdameun/wholesale/retail stores generally do not have any labels.

*** Please be assured that every product you receive will be shipped in its original Korean packaging and will go through our quality inspection to ensure that it is a product directly air-freighted from Korea.***

"MADE IN CHINA" label on footwear products

Due to the limited number of factories in Korea that design and produce footwear, most Korean companies send their products to China for processing and then ship them back to Korea for sale to meet the huge retail market demand. Therefore, most footwear products have a "MADE IN CHINA" label. As the design patentsand sales are owned by Korean companies, it is not possible to determine whether a product is genuine Korean just by its place of processing.

Size of products from Dongdaemun/Namdameun/wholesale stores

As these stores are the primary source of Korean products, some products may not provide detailed size information. However, we will do our best to provide size information. If a product does not have uploaded size information, we suggest that customers refer to the standard size of similar products in our store. Based on our experience, most Korean products are "FREE SIZE," so the sizes are generally similar.

Measurement method for product sizes

The size may vary depending on the elasticity of the material and the method of measurement. Most products are measured flat without stretching, and the unit of measurement is centimeters (cm). For example, if a product shows a waist circumference of 14 cm, it means that the overall waist circumference is about 28 cm.

Measurement method for footwear sizes

Generally, Korean footwear sizes are measured in millimeters (mm). For example, if the length of your foot from the toe to the heel is 235mm, plus the thickness of the footwear material, we recommend that customers choose a size of 240mm or 245mm. If the actual product is too large, customers can also use insoles to adjust the fit.

Choosing the right size of clothing

As everyone's preferences for close-fitting clothing are different, we suggest that customers measure their similargarments and compare them with the clothing in our store to determine if the product will fit well based on that information.